Settlement documentaries and Day in the Life films are now Trial Preview Films™.

What is a Trial Preview Film™? A video overview of your case as it will be presented in court. 


Each film is a truncated, visual representation of the key points of your case structured in much the same way you will present at trial - except in under 45 minutes.


Instead of handing over a written mediation document, a Trial Preview FIlm™ can be presented at mediation/settlement conference to show (rather than tell) the defense, adjusters, and even the judge, what they can expect from your case, the damages, and how it's going to look at trial. With interviews from your top experts and plaintiffs, and including beautifully shot personal documentary footage of your clients, these films are both informative and moving and have proven very successful across the country.


Trial Preview Films™ can expedite the entire litigation process and help your plaintiffs receive the awards they deserve - sometimes without having to go to trial at all. When a case does go to trial, the footage can be used to present your case to the jury, giving them a filmic and empathetic glimpse into the life/damages of your clients.


To maximize availability to the client, we are very selective about the cases we take on – choosing only a handful a year.

An average case film-shoot consists of around 30-50 hours of footage: from a minimum of 8 interviews on two cameras, to your pre-shot depositions, to following the plaintiff/s over multiple days, including supplemental footage.


The editing process is intricate and requires back-and-forth communication between filmmaker and client. It is a challenging and fun process and can be a great preparation tool for your team.

Our experience lies in film and TV – not law. Collaboration is fundamental to our success together. The more we collaborate, the better the film will be.

Paint Swatches


With a professional career in film spanning over 20 years (on both sides of the camera!) Angela Dee has the unique advantage of applying a wealth of storytelling and production knowledge to the field of law.


Primarily, you will see that Angela’s way with the interviewee is where she shines, creating a safe space to share the finer points of your case in a clear, emotional, and powerful way, bringing even the shyest of subjects out of their shell.

Live Show Recording


If you employ the use of visual boards in your trial, you'll need photos.

We will professionally photograph your client/s to help maximize the board's appeal and impact, taking your case to the next level.



The Hope Dynamic is a visual representation of the strength, fortitude, and tenacity of the plaintiff. 

High activation emotions are key to motivating your audience - whether they be the defense, insurance adjusters, a judge and/or jury. Hope is a high activation emotion, and when used in  conjunction with other high activation emotions our films will empower the plaintiff in the eyes of the viewer.

The earlier we start working together the stronger the dynamic of hope will be, and as a result, the more impact the film will have on its audience.

Helping Hands

DAY in the LIFE

Day in the Life films on their own are no longer working as both insurance adjusters and the defense have seen hundreds of videos about a plaintiff’s suffering, and sadly, they are usually now desensitized to the format.


By making films that preview the power of your case and highlighting the system failure with strong expert interviews and contrasting that with harm to plaintiff and what the plaintiff is left with – you, not the defense, are taking control of the value of your case.

While we do not offer Day in the Life films alone, we offer a trial-edit that can be narrated by your sponsored witness if your case should proceed to trial.

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