With over 20 years in the film industry both in front of and behind the camera, Angela Dee is a producer, photographer, writer and editor, working in TV, film, and litigation.

Settlement Documentaries

With a professional career in film spanning over 20 years (on both sides of the camera!) Angela has the unique advantage of applying a wealth of storytelling and production knowledge to the field of law.

Primarily, you will see that Angela’s way with the interviewee is where she shines, creating a safe space to share the finer points of your case in a clear, emotional, and powerful way.

Original COntent

As a content creator Angela was recently declared an Agent of Change, one of “5 Inspiring Women Worthy Of Your Attention Right Now,” by the Huffington Post. 

She is the creative force behind Rack & Ruin - a binge-worthy web comedy series, and now TV Pilot, that made its streaming debut in 2015 on WYSKTV. In 2015 it was a CBS Development Award finalist and in 2016 it won the Virgin Produced Award at SeriesFest. It is available on Virgin Airlines globally and in all associated hotels and web-platforms.


As an editor Angela has spent the last 15 years cutting documentaries, features, narrative short films, TV pilots, comedic digital shorts, and promos.